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Hi, We're Emily & Jeremy and we own the Denali Doghouse. We're always looking for great individuals to join our team and are glad you're considering Alaska for a summer destination.  We believe in working hard and playing harder and we will spend the summer pushing you towards getting out and exploring the magical land of Denali. A summer lasts a lifetime up here and It can truly change your life.  

Our management style is very hands on but pretty laid back. We focus on giving you the tools you need to do your job and provide an environment where it doesn't feel like work. We're at the Doghouse every morning pressing out hamburgers, making the chili, making sauces, and cutting fresh produce. We're working the line, taking orders, and we take care of weekly food orders and deliveries so you'll never run out of anything. We've worked out most of the kinks over the years but are constantly adjusting our process as it makes sense to do so. There's a thought process behind everything we do and we look forward to sharing that with you if you join the team this summer.

Job Functions

We run a small operation and we cross train everyone to do everything. We work as a team to get the job done. We do however have designated positions each shift so that everyone's primary job functions are defined.

Cashier - You're taking care of the customers. Ringing in orders, Running hot food, Keeping the lobby clean.

Grill - You're running the kitchen. Controlling the flow of tickets, Making the burgers. Selling complete orders and making sure we deliver great food to every customer when its hot and fresh. We cook everything to order at the Doghouse.

Dogs - You're supporting the Grill cook and responsible for making the hot dogs and running the fryer. There's a timing to every ticket and it's important the two of you work together instead of on your own tickets.

We pay $11/hour across the board. Many customers leave tips when we do a good job. Last season each employee averaged an extra $7/hour in tips. Cash tips are dispersed the following day. Credit Card tips are put on your paycheck (it's the law)


Many of the large employers in the area offer housing for their employees for a fee. We unfortunately are a small individual restaurant and don't have the means to provide housing at this time. We're working on it for the future. Many of our employees work somewhere else as their main job (to get housing) and work for us part time as a second job. Some people choose to camp all summer and shower and do laundry at the local market. Either way it's important to know that you need a plan for housing before you get here. 


We work on set schedules for the summer. We do this so everyone can plan their backpacking trips and free time without having to wait for a schedule to be posted. Most employers do it this way so with a little planning in the beginning of the summer we can all have a good outlook on what the summer will look like.